E-book, Vergroot je assertiviteit

Do you feel angry and frustrated because you keep putting things aside? The number of unsettled tasks is growing and you don't know where to start?

In my E-book “Stop procrastinating and get tasks done in 10 steps” I will:

  • teach you a step-by-step how to overcome procrastination
  • teach you how to recognize the blocking thought or feeling behind procrastination
  • teach you how to prepare action plan
  • teach you how to perform tasks so that they are not to overwhelming
  • show you how to stay motivated

About me
Do you perhaps think that the transformation is impossible, then I can say that I have experienced it myself. I have transformed my life. Because of all the problems in my life I also got stuck, I couldn't see any other way and I was in a dark place. I then made the decision to work on myself, let go of the past and enjoy my life again. I want that for you too.

No matter how hard I tried as a child, I always felt that others were better at something than I was. I was a quiet child. I developed a lack of assertiveness and self-esteem. I couldn't say "no" and then I was mad at myself for not being able to. I often attracted the wrong people into my life who abused my sensitiveness.
That changed when I was about 20. I started reading books about working on yourself and I took the tips into my own life. Then I started to feel more powerful. Now I want to help people who have similar problems.
As a Life Coach and therapist I work with people who continue to live or often end up in difficult situations. People who can't see a new path yet.
I will teach you to embrace yourself and be kind to yourself.
I have taken several courses with Ali Campbell, Christine Hassler and Sai Blackbyrn - the best coaches and therapists in the world so that I can help you at the highest level.
In my way of guiding you, peace comes first. When your head becomes calm, you will connect with your intuition again.
I work from my passion and I get a lot of satisfaction when my clients can see a future again.
Through my life experiences and travel experiences I have learned that you have to look at the people from the perspective of their own culture, not through my own vision of it. That is what I do in my practice.

My experience tells me that if you keep putting off a lot of tasks, they keep growing and growing until you don't know where to start. This causes a lot of anger and frustration. You want to function differently, but your behaviour is so strong that you cannot get over it. You feel helplessness and stuckness around you.
In my E-book I explain step by step how you can recognize the thoughts and feelings that are still blocking you and how you can easily overcome them.
If you've had enough and are ready to get your tasks done and turn stagnation into action, click the button below.

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