I work together with Ellie van Dommelen from Praktijk Hart in Verbinding.

Ellie is a healer, Reiki Master, family constellations therapist, cards reader, Zen masseur.

You can contact her for Reiki initiations, if your energy is out of balance, you have questions about yourself, if you are stuck by certain lifestyle patterns that have suddenly became difficult. With an aura and chakra reading she can “see” where any blocks or imbalances are. You can also enjoy a wonderfully relaxing Shiatzu or Butterfly massage. Complaints such as burn out are her speciality. Using Reiki she can often alleviate or even eliminate pain complaints.

Psychological complaints can also be addressed with energetic healing.

No matter how dark it is, there is always a point of light peeking in that will expand with some support.

Would you like to know more about Ellie’s practice? Go to www.praktijkhartinverbinding.nl

Used languages: Dutch