I help people who are looking for a new path in life but can't see it due to emotional blocks, doubts and fear. My goal is that they transform it into strength and courage so that they experience harmony and enjoy life much more.

My goal is that you start flying again and not keep crawling.

My name is Gosia and I live in Eindhoven, together with my husband, daughter and dog Daisy.
Born in Poland I have been interested in spirituality, psychology and people all my life.
I was always the person who was asked for advice. I could advise others well, but I was not satisfied with my own life.
Because of the upbringing I received when I was little, I didn't feel good enough in my own body. In primary school we often heard that we were not good enough to go to secondary school. That had a big impact on my life. I didn't go to medical school because I thought "I'm not good enough and I'm not going to pass the exam". I lost confidence and courage. Now I know that what I have heard was nonsense.

After my economic studies, I worked for years in the offices what didn’t suit my personality. My traumas and thinking patterns prevented me from moving on with my life. But I started working on myself, left the blockages behind me and decided to live again.
One day I got the idea that I want to help people like I used to be by becoming a coach/ therapist. People who get stuck because of negative thinking patterns, lack of motivation, courage and self-confidence. People who have no idea how to handle that.
I also finally wanted to work with passion. I was afraid of the change but I knew that eventually I wanted to live my life based on my rules. Thank to my life experiences and training that I have followed, I can help you so that you can take control of your own life again. You will stand on your own two feet and feel the flow again.

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Knowledge and experience
I have been helping people privately for many years. Often a good listening ear, an open heart and some simple advice are enough to show someone possibilities and to resolve the inner struggle.
That's why I decided to follow my passion and my life mission and help people with doubts, blocking patterns, and lack of self-confidence so that they can get much more out of life than they currently do.

I am convinced that you can help people enjoy life again by helping them to transform the lessons they experience - in the form of obstacles and difficult situations.

It feels like my mission to help people get the most out of life so that they can be fully satisfied and happy again.

Leef jouw volledig potentieel
Leef jouw volledig potentieel

What makes my coaching different?
To help you I work from a holistic vision. Body and mind are inseparably linked. I work on four levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.
In my way of guiding you, peace comes first. When your mind is calm, you will reconnect with your “higher self” and feel your intuition better.
This makes you more aware of who you really are, what you can do and who you want to be.
Within my practice I use coaching techniques, NLP and Hypnosis in combination with breathing techniques and meditation, so that we can work on your blockages at different levels.

Some more personal information
For years I followed various courses to increase my knowledge, awareness and intuition. As a result, I got to know myself better. Now I know what I want and what not.
I am a traveller and explorer. I like travelling to other cultures and observing their daily life.
I love the sun, palm trees, the warm sea and the energy they give.
Together with my husband, our daughter and dog Daisy, we love to walk in the nature. This allows us to enjoy the positive energy of nature and relax.
In my spare time I also like going to the gym, yoga classes, meditation evenings and courses.

Do you recognize yourself in the above? If you want to know how you can transform the stuckness into action and find the path in your life, request the free consultation.


I experienced the consultation and meeting with Gosia as pleasant, enlightening and stimulating. I got to a point where I couldn't go on with my life like this. I tried to discover how I can move forward, how I can develop a clear view of my future. Gosia helped me with that. She is empathetic and open-minded. She shown me possibilities that I’ve never seen myself. I hope that in the near future, with her further guidance, I will come even closer to myself and my destiny.

Julia de Jong

I recommend Gosia for anyone looking to improve their life and mental health. I have been working with her for several months. I felt very comfortable at our visits, able to relax. I really appreciative the mix of styles she uses.
She helped me solve the problem of low self-esteem and self-awareness in the new circumstances of my life and manage my anxiety which has helped me grow as a person and allow me to live a better more enjoyable life.

Sophie Deckers

Gosia is a very good coach. She has a good influence on our way of thinking, inspires and stimulates a new view on our environment and our daily life.
Gosia is an exceptionally empathetic and honest coach. She is an open and sincere person. She really wants to help and not just do her job. Strongly recommended!

Aniek Willems

I have worked with Gosia on a couple of issues (mainly my fear of wasps) and she has used her deep knowledge and skills and has helped me a lot! Thoroughly recommended.

Donald Hamilton

Gosia is a lovely woman and very knowledgeable in the guidance. She takes the time for you and comes up with a nice and clear plan and goal.
She spends a lot of extra time in contact and asking how you are doing. I really liked the guidance and treatments and it helped me a lot. She coordinates with you how things are going during the treatments. I am very surprised what she has achieved in a short time with the treatments.

Ralf W.